City Combat System

Versatile and highly effective weapon system for combat situations in populated and city areas.

Today’s modern struggle is shifting to populated agglomerations, cities, and apartment houses. It must be conducted with respect to the civilian unarmed population. We, as weapon makers, are responding to this and have developed precision weapons that are simple and highly compatible when necessary.

Today’s warrior must be prepared for both close combat and long range combat. LUVO Firearms high quality handguns with a simple adjustment for the task make it possible. These are our assault sniper rifles and LA-110 A2 SASS assault rifles – two-in-one, noise and flame silencers with bayonet locking, night and thermal sights. The pictures show one complete frame including the stock and two adapters.

The first 22 ” barrel adapter is complete with precision-tuned optics and a ballistic computer with the option of using a thermal conversion lens, which allows us to shoot accurately at 1 000 m 7.62 x 51 mm ammunition with a heavy bullet of 180 grs. HPBT. The second 10.5 ” main adapter is very versatile, can be used with normal sights at a distance of 10 – 300 m or with night vision up to 100 m. This short adapter is ideal for close combat or in homes. Powerful calibers guarantee success. The adapter, which is not mounted on the gun frame, is worn in a special backpack which, because of its light weight and compactness, is not a big problem for the shooter, changing adapters is very easy without using any tools or instrument and even an untrained person does not take more than 10 seconds.

We offer this system in four calibers: 7.62x51mm, 6.5 Creedmoor, 338 Federal and 224 Valkyrie. LA-110 A2 SASS is the number one assault sniper rifle. Reliability, accuracy, ideal for demanding combat use!