Linear Compensator

Muzzle device with speed-attach system that combines benefits of muzzle brake with linear gas redirection

Work in team has some specifics, one of them is that while shooting team members are often in close distance to one another. In such a situation it is very unpleasant to stay near mate’s muzzle when he is shooting. Therefore we developed linear compensator that redirects muzzle gasses onwards instead of spreading them on all sides and muffles the noise of the shot to protect your mates in combat.

As a base there is a muzzle brake attached to a barrel for standard operation. Once needed, shooter simply attaches the linear compensator on the muzzle brake with speed-attach system and is ready to work indoors in a team. Just as fast as attachment is removal that takes units of seconds.

Linear compensator is available also in version with metal spikes that can be effectively used for e. g. breaking a car window or stopping the enemy without shooting.