Quick-attach Silencers

Innovative lightweight silencers with a bayonet quick lock, no more screwing

LUVO Firearms offers innovative perfect silencers with a bayonet quick lock, no more screwing.

These silencers were developed in the Czech Republic and are 100% manufactured here. Our unique system, which is the main advantage of this product and the grooved surface, allows easy, safe and quick fitting and removal of the shock absorber even when using gloves. Thanks to the production from light alloys has low weight, which has a very favorable effect on accurate shooting. Speed and precision guaranteed. The suppressor is easily mounted on the LUVO muzzle brake, which is part of the entire product set.

Our silencers are manufactured for all types and calibers of rifles LA manufactured by LUVO Firearms, then for VZ58, AK-47, AK 74, CZUB EVO2, CZUB Bren2 in all calibers, VZ61 Scorpion, American AR-15 and AR-10 of all calibers and when is used our adapter also for all repeating rifles and hunting rifles. We supply shock absorbers, including cases for fastening to a belt.