Since 1919 our company has been delivering products for military and professional forces that became a symbol of quality and excellent workmanship. Over the decades we have been co-creating trends and innovations in the field of modern small arms.

Post-World War I

The majority of products were for military and professional forces


The company was established


South Bohemian Armory merged with the Hubertus Armory, based in Prague


The company was transferred to a joint stock company based in Prague. At that time, very well-known and successful LK 28 and LK 30 machine guns were created. These made it possible to fire through a spinning propeller.

Pre-World War II

The majority of products were for military and professional forces


Due to imminent war and in this respect the unfavorable geographical location of the plant (located only a few kilometers from the border with Germany), a daughterly branch was established in the east of the country in Uherský Brod and arms production was transferred to this newly established branch.

World War II

During World War II firearms manufacturing continued but the production range consisted of firearms designed and made in German armories


During the Second World War, Czechoslovakia was occupied by Germany as a protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, and all arms production was oriented towards supplies of the then German armed forces. At that time, ČZ produced under the brand Waffenfabrik Prag. Production included infantry weapons and aircraft guns.

Post-World War II

After the end of the Second World War production is again directed only to small-bore weapons from the workshop of Czech developers. Production includes air rifles, submachine guns, machine guns and rifles. It is worth mentioning, the vz 26 submachine gun, used in the Czechoslovak army, which became the basis for the production of world-famous UZI.


After the end of World War II and the exemption of Czechoslovakia was again shortly produced infantry weapons in Strakonice, but the company was nationalized and, given the post-war political situation, the arms production from Strakonice was transferred back to its daughterly branch in Uherský Brod.

Modern history


The company was divided into various divisions and the production of weapons was assigned to ČZ Strojírna s.r.o. The company has opened up to new cooperations and foreign market.

1993 - 2001

ČZ Strojirna Ltd. produced 50,000 M6 for the U.S. Army between 1993 to 2001


LUVO Prague Ltd. (LUVO Arms) took over firearms production from ČZ Strojirna Ltd. in 2006. The company continues to use the trademark ČZ (in a circle).


We realize how important is to keep up with modern trends and deliver weapons that meet the demands of today's market. That is why we put considerable effort to the development, testing and production of new products and features and co-create a modern form of the weapon industry. As a result, we remain among the top players in the market and deliver quality firearms for military, police, special forces and civilians markets worldwide.